Definition and Difference between SK2 and SK5 High Carbon Steel

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  • Date:2020/10/12
SK2 is a high carbon, low alloy steel, it is suitable for manufacturing tolls without shock loads, low speed cutting tools, cold work tooling, etc. Including turning tools, milling cutters, drilling bits, reamers, screw taps, screw dies, gauges, files. As far as knives are concerned, it can be used for all types, from small, high efficiency cutters to large, heavy duty knives, although officially SK2 is not a shock resistant steel, it can be heat treated for toughness, although we don't see a good reason for doing so, why not pick a designated shock resistant alloy instead. SK2 is not a high carbide volume alloy, so at high hardness it will benefit form thin, high polished edge.


It is common to heat treat most SK grades before or after processing.
Zhengye's SK grades are designed to produce optimal surface roughness after heat treatment, which enables an ideal product finish after black oxide treatment.

Zhengye Advantages

High quality and reliability

Our ability to produce uniform strength and thickness tolerances that are impossible to achieve using regular materials allows us to manufacture products that demonstrate stable strength in spring applications.

Moreover, we can produce excellent fatigue resistance and reliability by adjusting material structure and by creating a high degree of cleanliness via the careful management of manufacturing history and the adjustment of chemical composition.


Flexible, small-lot production

We can manufacture cutter knife standard lots weighing 45 kg,

and are also happy to consider smaller lots upon consultation.

(Requests for small-lot orders will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.)


Ability to adjust materials to desired hardness

We make products to order, and can adjust hardness as required.

The reason why you choose us

1. Small quantity, short time delivery

If we have stocks, we can ship from a minimum of pieces of sample in a few days.
We also manufacture custom-order materials in amounts of 3000 pieces and up in as few as 4 weeks.

2. Ability to add multiple features

We are capable of adding a variety of features to metallic materials.


3. Unique technology and custom-made solutions

We provide customized solutions to your problems with our unique

technologies and well versed knowledge of materials acquired through our experience of manufacturing 50,000 items.


4. Choose the appropriate base metals for your needs

We carefully balance quality, delivery time and price, procure various base metals from all over the world.

We manufacture appropriate products to your needs.


5. Lower total cost

We taking your processing into account, offer you reduce a total cost by using our product.


6. Global network

We support flexibly local procurement and production transfer.






Guangzhou Zhengye Industrial Co., Ltd.

We are always providing our customers with reliable products and considerate services.


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