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Use only safe utility knives made of quality outer material from trusted brands.

When you use utility knife, focus on what you are doing and avoid distracting factors such us talking with people around you.

Check the sharpness of your utility knife's edge and avoid using dull blades which increase the risk of potential accidents. Break off dull blade edge or replace the blade with new one when needed

Don't extend Utility knife blade more than required level .

Use the utility knife only for proper purpose. Do not use for any improper purpose such as using as a scraper or screwdriver.

While using utility knife, do not try to catch it when you drop it from your hand. Make sure that cutting surface is smooth and suitable.

Pay attention to cut materials on a suitable surface. Never try cut cables or such kind of materials without setting them on cutting surface.

Put enough distance between your body and cutting line. Always set the cutting line parallel to your body thus it will be easier to protect yourself from a potential accident.

Do not use utility knife if your hands contact with slippery substance until your hands get clean and dry.

Problems arise from utility knife use when some employees don’t have or can’t find a utility knife supplied by the company. As a result, they tend to use whatever is handy, such as a pocket knife or other tool with a sharp edge. This can quickly turn hazardous if the tool slips or is used incorrectly.
The following are safety precautions to keep in mind when using utility knives:
-- Wear safety glasses to protect your eyes in case a blade breaks.
-- Always use a sharp blade. They are safer than a dull blade.
-- Wear cut resistant gloves and sleeves to protect your hands and arms.
-- Hand a utility knife to a co-worker with the handle first.
-- Use one of the newer model self-retracting blade knives.
-- If the application allows, use one of the new knives with a shielded knife surface such as the Zhengye or similar.
-- Ensure the blades are properly positioned in the handle before use.
-- Keep extremities out of the cutting path.
-- Don’t apply too much pressure on the blade.
-- Follow manufacturer’s instructions when changing blades.
-- Don’t use utility knives to pry loose objects.
-- Dispose of dull or broken blades in a puncture-resistant container.
-- Use of disposable knives with breakaway blades is not meant for industrial use. Stay away from them.
Utility knives are extremely handy on the job, but they can also be handy in causing serious injuries.

Safely use knife is crucial, and safely break off the blade is very crucial too.

Although the utility knife is used for many different cutting works many people don’t know how to snap off the utility knife blade or try to break it with unsafe methods. If you wonder how to snap off Utility Knife Blade you will find what you are looking for in this article. 
Let’s see how the snap off Utility Knife blade edge safely in 4 steps.

First Step
Use a Plier, Cut Resistant Glove and Glasses
We highly recommend you to use a plier, cut resistant glove and glasses for a safe break before you snap off Utility Knife Blade. Thus you can grasp the knife more tightly and snap off the blade with less amount of force. Cut resistant glove and glasses provides higher degree of safety in case of any potential accident.

Second Step
Grasp The Blade Edge Firmly
Firmly grasp the blade edge. It will be easier and safer for you to snap off blade edge if you grasp it from the point that close to separation line. Once you firmly grasp the blade edge with plier you can break it by applying downward force. 

Third Step
Breaking Off
With the controlled force you applied, you can safely break the edge of blade. Since the plier is used, broken blade edge will not be thrown anywhere and will not cause any unintended injuries.  

Fourth Step
After Breaking Off
Once breaking process completed you can continue your cutting works with remaining edges of blade. You can prevent unintended injuries by putting broken edges into disposal container. Please keep in mind that in order to perform better and safer cutting works you need to snap off edge before it gets dull.





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