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The Retail Industry has a broad range of needs when it comes to mini safety knife wholesale, wholesale pocket utility knife, wholesale utility knife holder and wholesale retractable knife . Retail workplaces can also encompass a variety of different places throughout the manufacturing, shipping, and distribution processes of the items for sale.

- Warehouses

- Distribution Centers

- Retail Storefronts


In every retail workplace, packages are frequently shipped and received. If you are in the retail industry, you and your employees most likely open packages multiple times throughout the day. Finding a good mini safety knife factory and retractable utility knife factory is very important


Safety First for Your Employees

We understand that its not financially wise to give employees in an industry with such a high turnover rate access to expensive cutting tools. With the influx of seasonal employees, a less expensive option is best.


Hand laceration injuries are one of the most frequent workplace injuries! Cutting a wide variety of materials can be dangerous. If employees are using utility knives and scissors to open boxes and packages all day, there is a safety risk and a chance of an accident.


Concealed Blade Safety Cutters

At Zhengye, we recommend distributing concealed blade safety cutters to employees who deal with opening boxes and other packages on a regular basis. Amazon is one of the many companies that have made the switch to concealed fixed blade knives for box cutting and opening other packaging materials. Here are some important facts every EH&S Manager should know about knife injuries in the workplace:

- Lacerations are the top 3-5% most common work-related injuries.

- More than 1 million hand injuries occur each year in the United States, 63% of which are from knife lacerations.

- Almost 100% of knife-related injuries on the job are preventable.

- The average cost per claim for a laceration injury is $36,472


Whether you manage workers in grocery stores, retail shops, shipping and receiving, distribution centers, or warehouses, choosing a safety knife box cutter for your retail company can mean preventing workplace injuries and saving your company money.

Which Zhengye mini safety knives are best for the retail industry?


The top safety knives that we recommend for dealing with packages are the ZY-S008 and the ZY-PS002. These knives are perfect for places that handle a lot of shipping and receiving.



 The ZY-S008 enriches our range of popular small box cutters. Its unique features include the cleverly-designed and incredibly easy blade change system. Other highlights include its ergonomic handle, double-sided slider, and fresh design.

The ZY-S008 is a versatile cutting tool that apart from cardboard boxes, also masters bags, films, and strappings. With easily changeable blade options, the ZY-S008 is a fantastic choice for retail.



The ZY-S002 is a great choice for a company that has a high turnover rate or an influx of seasonal workers. It is a sturdy but inexpensive and disposable safety knife.  Therefore, if an employee accidentally walks out of the door with a knife, your business won’t not be losing a lot of money.

The ZY-S002 is meant to be replaced. It is a concealed blade safety cutter that cuts shrink wrap, strapping, banding, box tape, corrugate, and more without the threat of an exposed blade. The thin profile of the head helps this cutter perform tasks that other cutting tools may not be able to cut.

The ZY-S005 is similar to the ZY-S008 in that it is a concealed fixed-blade safety knife that cuts shrink wrap, strapping, banding, box tape, corrugate, and more. The head also has a thin profile to help perform more versatile tasks.

The main differentiation between the 005 and the 008 is that the Secumax 005 is not disposable. Instead, it has a replaceable blade. If you are not as concerned about employees accidentally taking or losing your tools, then this is the safety cutter for your retail environment!


Questions or Concerns in the Retail Industry?

The team of experts at Zhengye can answer questions or concerns you may have about selecting a safety knife for work in your industry. Contact us today to speak with a safety and cutting tool expert at Zhengye





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