The History of Zhengye Industrial Co.,LTD

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  • Date:2020/08/06

Guangzhou Zhengye Industrial Co.,Ltd, founded in 1999, located in Guangzhou Panyu district, is a collection of R&D, design, production, sales, service as one of the modern professional office supplies industry and trade integration of enterprises.


December 1999, Zhengye founding team was established

March 2001, the Baili mould factory was established

May 2005, the company was renamed As Guangzhou Zhengye Plastic Mould Co., LTD

April, 2010, the Injection molding production line to complete automatic production

July, 2015, Research and development of products with independent property rights

June, 2017, Independent development of hardware products and put into production

March, 2018, the first blade production line was put into operation


We have a strong production team, strong technical force, design team, with scientific management methods, advanced production equipment, ensuring the quality of products and win customers rely on and word of mouth, brand set up gradually improve.Today, we are on the team is committed to innovation, and enlightenment and fusion with constant practice and outstanding wisdom and philosophy, we cater to the market demand for high-end products, to do professional products.

Here, on the plastic mold sincerely hope to develop its own superiority, always in the spirit of unity, integrity, innovation, win-win, good products, good services, with customers to build solid lasting cooperation between Bridges.


Our company focuses on the production of box cutter, box cutter blades, plastic products and OEM plastic accessories, etc. Box cutter mainly plays the role of cutting and cutting in People's Daily work and life.It is widely used in home, office, school, factory, indoor and outdoor design, architecture and other fields that need to be cut. By OEM plastic accessories, we have made plastic fish bait, plastic nozzle, mobile phone case, camera case, self-portrait mirror, razor and so on, just according to customer’s need and design.

Our market channel combines Ali baba domestic and international station and other network platforms. Participating in the Canton Fair and other well-known office stationery exhibition, hardware and tools exhibition.

Product sales region distribution is including Domestic market and foreign market, mainly exported to Asia, Europe, North America and other countries.

Our sales amount is 60 million dollar per year.


We have our own mould workshop, injection moulding workshop, assembly workshop and hardware workshop. In this case, our production quality and time can be promised. For normal order, our production time is 20-35 days, moreover, some products we have in stock ready to ship.

Mold design process: 3D mold design, mold CNC 3D processing, grinding machine for die parts, electric discharge machining, wire-electrode cutting, mold assembly

Injection moulding production process: Prepare plastic raw material,   Color mixing machine color matching, Add the injection molding machine oven to pre-dry for 3 hours, The raw material is melted at high temperature and injected into the mold with liquid, Molding cooling, Tablet in the product, quality inspector first check

Blade production process: laying off, forge, temper, finish machining, inspect, quench, anneal, tempering, coarse grinding, accurate grinding, inspect, packing.


Today, we are confident and confident.Looking ahead, we sing and laugh all the way.





Guangzhou Zhengye Industrial Co., Ltd.

We are always providing our customers with reliable products and considerate services.


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