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  • Date:2020/07/21

Tape dispenser, also known as tape cutting machine. One end of the dispenser has a device to put the tape, and the other end has a blade or saw tooth to cut the tape. The tape dispenser is divided into many types according to the type of tape cut. The most common type is desktop tape dispenser (like those that are often used in offices or homes), made of plastic, small in size and easy to move. Some tape dispenser are consumable. Other tape dispenser are fixed to the desk. Some have sophisticated functions to control tape feeding and cutting, and are ergonomically designed for easy and comfortable use.


Handhold Tape Dispenser

Some tape dispensers are very small, and the tape dispenser and tape can be taken where needed. This type of tape dispenser can easily cut the tape and the user can conveniently use the cut tape. It allows to be taken where the user wants to use.

Desktop Tape Dispenser

Tear after pulling out

Desktop tape dispensers are frequently used to place tape, and allow users to pull out a length, tear it off, and then use the tape where desired. Popular in office, school etc.

Bag Sealer Tape Dispenser

Similar to desktop tape dispenser, its weighted base and non-skid pad is firm enough to have a strong grip on the surface. With its special neck design, always used in supermarket.





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