How to Choose the Right Pocket Pocket Pocket Knife?

  • Date:2020/04/02

Knife blade: 

The blade is the heart and soul of a knife. Sharpness is one of its prerequisites.Knife manufacturers know this better than we do, so they take blades seriously.What is it made of? How do you react to stress? Is it easy to grind when needed? How well does it resist corrosion and strength? You'll find two things that make the best pocket knife:

Tool design:

Use the best steel. Steel can determine the toughness, strength, hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and edge retention of the tool.In the early stage, we have done some articles about blade knowledge, to know a little, when choosing a knife, blade is often in the first place.

Tool design and ergonomics:

Ergonomics is a key part of the design process if the tool is not designed properly or poorly. In basic terms, ergonomics is how you feel about a knife once you've got your hand in your hand. A good cutter designer can create an extension that feels like your hand. In addition, the open and lock mechanism is very important, pocket knife can use thumb stud, dorsal fin or auto open. For locking, the tool can use line lock, compression lock, frame lock, or shaft lock. All important considerations will determine the role of the tool.





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