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  • Date:2020/08/11

Definition of staple remover

As long as there have been staplers, there have been staple removers. The first stapler is widely thought to have been owned by Louis XV of France, who used the new-fangled device to fasten court documents with metal staples bearing the royal insignia. Removing staples doesn't need to be aggravating, or time-consuming, whether you've got a big stack of papers that you need to go through and separate, or some staples leftover from a carpet-removal job.


staple remover is a tool that allows for the quick removal of a mistaken or bad-performance taple from a material without causing damage. The best-known form of staple remover, designed for light-gauge staples, consists of two opposing, pivot-ounted pairs of thin, steep edges and a spring that returns the device to the open position after use. Although a simple metal wedge can be used for the same purpose, and although some staplers feature such a wedge at their hinge end, use of the wedge tends to tear fragile papers.


How to choose the right staple remover?

Separate stapled papers so gently they can easily be stapled back together with this staple remover. This helpful little must-have piece of equipment easily slides its chrome prongs under staples and lifts them free without twisting or tearing the corners. This lets you split up the pages of a report, hand them out to peers, and then put them all back together when the meeting is over.

Chrome Prongs

Slip the tips of this staple remover's chrome prongs under the staple you want to remove, and then lift the staple out without leaving marks or fresh holes in the paper. The teeth curve at just the right angle to remove most staples with an effortless twist.

Sturdy Plastic Grips

Get a firm grip on the sturdy plastic handles of this staple remover. Firmly fixed to the prongs and easy to hold without slipping, the grips help you get the right leverage to pop off those staples without damaging innocent paperwork.


Zhengye claw staple remover in white color is ideal for removing staples without ripping the paper and features plastic handle for comfortable grip. Staple remover is constructed from nickel-plated steel for added durability.

· Removes staples without ripping paper

· Nickel-plated steel construction

· Double riveting for extended use

· Handle is made of recycyled plastics

· Claw style staple remover

· Smooth plastic grips




· Be sure to find the staple remover that is the most comfortable to you.

· Use extra caution when removing from small stacks.

· Make sure the tip is flat as not to rip the paper.





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