Paper Art Basic Tool Art Knife

  • Date:2020/04/01

For those who like to make paper art or other DIY tools, the art knife is a very familiar tool. Even in the daily office, the art knife is an indispensable tool.


The art cutter did not become a safety knife and box cutter, this is mainly because the art cutter itself blade is well protected by the body of the knife, so it is very safe to use, of course, as a prop, safety always refers to the relative safety.


The design of the knife is usually light because it must be held without too much pressure. At the same time, the design of the blade also fully considers the comfort of people's hand.


There are different types of art knives, some are fixed, some are flexible expansion. At the same time, the blade of the art cutter can be broken and renewed, and some of them have to be renewed for the whole blade.


In art handmade paper, especially to the yan yan paper need to paper notes, so pen knife use frequency is quite high (see: yan paper based tutorial), due to more suitable for holding a knife, so when making paper cutting operation, can according to cutting ruler guide and convenient for operation, without fear of a wandering.


It's not just paper making, other paper making techniques that may involve cutting will use the art knife (see: toilet paper tube art making tutorial).






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