Related Knowledge of Art Knife

  • Date:2020/04/01

Definition of art cutter:

A Cutter knife, called a Utility knife in English, is used for cutting. Also commonly known as knives or wallpaper knife, usually only use normal use knife blade part, cut, carved, dot is the main function, but the knife blade is very fragile, can't stretch out a long blade, when using the other blade hardness and durable (these are two concepts in the knife) also vary because of blade texture.

Alias for art cutter?

There are many kinds of art knives, such as our common name: carving knife, wallpaper knife, etc.

Who is it for?

It can be used in office, factory, school, life and so on.

What are the categories of art knives?

The cutter is fixed and flexible.

How to use and maintain the cutter? 

The normal use of the art cutter usually only use the tip part, cutting, carving, dot is the main function. Due to the brittle blade, the blade cannot extend too long when used. In addition, the hardness and durability of the blade (two concepts in the art cutter) also vary with the texture of the blade. The choice of the hilt should also be based on the shape of the hand, and the gesture of holding the knife is usually explained on the back of the package.






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