As a safety cutter knife wholesale and tape dispenser manufacturer, When you using a utility knife, only the tip of the knife is used, cutting, carving, and dotting are the main functions.The difference between the utility knife and the carving knife is that the cutting knife has a short blade, thick blade, sharp and strong, and is particularly suitable for carving various hard materials such as wood, stone or even metal materials;

The Utility knife blades has a long blade, a slanted tip, and a thin blade. Box cutting knives can be used for carving and cutting relatively thin and soft materials. Such as paper and soft wood. When the utility knife is used normally, only the tip part is used, cutting, carving, and dotting are the main functions. The choice of knife handle should also be selected according to the hand shape, and the gesture of holding the knife is usually explained on the back of the package.

We usually use the best small utility knife and best folding camping knife for unpacking and express delivery; hardware tools are used for cutting wooden boards, cardboard, aluminum products, carpets, PVC plastics, fabrics, floor leather and wallpaper, etc.; and stationery are used for carving, hand-operated knives, Art students cut pens and paper. A knife with a small, usually retractable, sharp blade, used to cut wood, cardboard and other materials.





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