Hook blade utility knife, also named replacement cutting blades, is used for cutting and carving. Zhengye fixed blade utility knife supplier is commited to produce replacement cutting blades, hook blade utility knife and hook knife blades for over 20 years.

The hook blade utility knife from Zhengye utility blades manufacturer is always strong and durable. Zhengye fixed blade utility knife supplier uses high carbon steel hook knife blades to keep the balance of long service time and cost.

For those who like to make paper art or other DIY tools, hook blade utility knife is a very familiar tool. Even in the daily office, box cutter blades are indispensable tool. It's not just paper making, other paper making techniques that may involve cutting will use the art knife (like opening a package).

A best utility knife blades should be sharp to easily cut off paper. But would it to sharp then easily hurt people? Zhengye fixed blade utility knife supplier’s replacement cutting blades is well protected by the body of the knife, so it is very safe to use. Of course, as a prop, safety always refers to the relative safety.

The design of a best utility knife blades is usually light because it must be held without too much pressure. At the same time, the design of the best utility knife blades also fully considers the comfort of people's hand. Ergonomics is a key part of the design process if the tool is not designed properly or poorly. In basic terms, ergonomics is how you feel about a knife once you've got your hand in your hand.

Zhengye utility blades manufacturer ’s knife can create an extension that feels like your hand. In addition, the open and lock mechanism is very important, pocket knife can use thumb stud, dorsal fin or auto open. For locking, the tool can use line lock, compression lock, frame lock, or shaft lock. All important considerations will determine the role of the tool.

How to easily differentiate the pocket knife? Some pocket knife uses ABS material as handle, and some pocket knife uses metal or aluminum alloy plus rubber as handle. ABS handle would be lighter and cheaper, which is suitable for student and office normal use. Metal handle is always for heavy duty work need. With its strong weight design, the blade is not easy to shake while cutting.

Whenever you need hook knife blades, just contact us. Zhengye utility blades manufacturer can help you get the best option. We are expert in best utility knife blades wholesale.






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