Handhold Tape Dispenser

Tape dispenser blade, also known as wholesale utility knife holder. One end of the dispenser has a device to put the tape, and the other end has a blade or saw tooth to cut the tape. The tape dispenser is divided into many types according to the type of tape cut and places to use. The most common type is wholesale utility knife holder (like those that are often used in warehouse), made of plastic, medium size and easy to move. Some dispenser desktop cutter are consumable. Other tape dispenser desktop are fixed to the desk. Some have sophisticated functions to control tape feeding and cutting, and are ergonomically designed for easy and comfortable use.

Zhengye tape dispenser manufacturer has provided tape dispenser blade for over 20 years. The tape dispenser blade from Zhengye sealing tape dispenser factory is always strong and durable. Zhengye tape dispenser manufacturer’s tape dispenser blade uses high carbon steel material to keep the balance of long service time and cost.

For those who needs to pack things frequently, tape dispenser is a very familiar tool. Even in the daily office, tape dispenser is an indispensable tool. It's not just paper making, other works involve packaging may use the tape dispenser too(like express company packing a package).

A best tape dispenser blade should be sharp to easily cut off the tape. But would it to sharp then easily hurt people? Zhengye sealing tape dispenser factory, its tape dispenser blade is well protected by the body of the tape dispenser, so it is very safe to use. Of course, as a prop, safety always refers to the relative safety.

Some design of a tape dispenser is usually a little heavy because it must be used without moving or shaking. At the same time, the tape dispenser also fully considers the convenience of people's hand. Through the intelligent design of the handle, people can easily hold the tape dispenser with one hand to packing things.

How to easily differentiate the tape dispenser? Some tape dispenser are suitable for desktop use, some are small for students to carry everywhere. Some tape dispenser are suitable for warehouse packing goods, and some tape dispenser are for supermarket to pack foods and fruits. Some tape dispenser use plastic for major material, while some tape dispenser use metal as the body. Plastic would be lighter and cheaper, which is suitable for student and office normal use, or one hand-held. Metal body is always for heavy duty work need or supermarket based on the table. With its strong weight design, the cutter is not easy to move while cutting.

Whenever you need tape dispenser, just contact us. Zhengye sealing tape dispenser factory can help you get the best option. Zhengye tape dispenser manufacturer are expert in wholesale tape dispenser and wholesale utility knife holder.






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