Multi Staples Remover

Staple remover, also called safety cutter knife, its function is removing a wrong or badly stapled staple. One end of the staple remover has a device to pull out the staple, and the other end has a blade or saw tooth to open the letter. Under the action of human power, the use of lever to increase the force, so that the spring energy storage;Using multi-groove nailing device to supply nailing automatically;Through the burst mechanism, causes the punch to make the impact movement, realizes the nailing. Normally, the size of staple remover is small, so that people can easily one-hand use and also easy to take away.

Zhengye staples remover factory has provided staple remover, best utility knives and safety cutter knife for over 20 years. The staple remover from Zhengye cutting blade suppliers is always strong and durable. Zhengye staples remover factory ’s staple remover uses high quality material to keep the balance of long service time and cost.

For daily office work, staple remover is a very familiar tool. Since it can both remove the staple and open the letter. Even in school, it’s very popular used too.

A best staple remover should be strong to easily take off the staple.  Zhengye staples remover factory’s staple remover is well designed by the R&D team, so it is very safe to use. Of course, as a prop, safety always refers to the relative safety.

Whenever you need to custom staple remover, best utility knives and safety cutter knife, just contact us. Zhengye staples remover factory can help you get the best option. Zhengye are expert in wholesale staple remover, best utility knives and safety cutter knife.






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