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A Cutter knife, called a safety Utility knife in English, is used for cutting. Also commonly known as knives or wallpaper knife, usually only use normal use knife blade part, cut, carved. Cutting is the main function, but some of the knife blade is very fragile, can't stretch out a long blade.


Zhengye box cutter knife manufacturer, providing best utility blades, safety utility knife, utility knife blade and wholesale utility razor blades for over 20 years.


The utility knife blade from Zhengye box cutter manufacturer is always strong and durable. Different to the famous Olfa snap blade, Zhengye use high carbon steel blade to keep the balance of long service time and cost. But if you want, we also can customize your product with Olfa snap blade. We have experiences in producing our knife body mold with Olfa snap blade.

For those who like to make paper art or other DIY tools, safety utility knife is a very familiar tool. Even in the daily office, safety utility knife is an indispensable tool. It's not just paper making, other paper making techniques that may involve cutting will use the art knife (like opening a package).


A best utility blades should be sharp to easily cut off paper. But would it to sharp then easily hurt people? Zhengye box cutter knife manufacturer, its wholesale utility razor blades is well protected by the body of the knife, so it is very safe to use. Of course, as a prop, safety always refers to the relative safety.


The design of a best utility blades is usually light because it must be held without too much pressure. At the same time, the design of the safety utility knife also fully considers the comfort of people's hand. Ergonomics is a key part of the design process if the tool is not designed properly or poorly. In basic terms, ergonomics is how you feel about a knife once you've got your hand in your hand.

Zhengye’s pink utility knife can create an extension that feels like your hand. In addition, the open and lock mechanism is very important, pocket knife can use thumb stud, dorsal fin or auto open. For locking, the tool can use line lock, compression lock, frame lock, or shaft lock. All important considerations will determine the role of the tool.


The pink utility knife can also be grouped by the material of the handle. Some handle are made of ABS plastic, some handle are made of metal and some handle are made of aluminum alloy plus rubber. ABS handle would be lighter and cheaper, which is suitable for student and office normal use. Metal handle is always for heavy duty work need. With its strong weight design, the blade is not easy to shake while cutting.

The Zycutter cutter retractable knife is a specialized utility knife, heavy-duty cutlery that is capable of handling extremely deep and tough cuts on both soft and hard targets. Unlike lighter-weight utility knives. This large blade is made of high quality stainless steel and is thus difficult to damage. This tool features a T-shaped blade that has strong gripping strength and is suitable for use in cutting and slicing tasks. They can be fixed or retractable and can also be used as a carving knife.

The Zycutter cutter retractable knife is designed for cutting and slicing on wood, metal and even ceramic tiles. The best part about this type of knives is that they can be carried at all times without having to take it out of its sheath. In addition to this, their compact size makes them perfect for storage.

The retractable tool comes from a well-known retractable cutter knife factory in Japan. The retractable blade is made from high-carbon stainless steel, making it very strong and durable. The retractable cutter knife factory uses a variety of technologies including monomer coating and laser coating for various purposes such as producing ultra-lightweight knives. These tools feature a T-shaped blade that has strong gripping ability and is ideal for use in cutting and slicing tasks.


Retractable utility knives are perfect for home and professional users who require cutting knives that can handle difficult tasks on a variety of surfaces. They are available in different sizes and designs and have sharpened edges that make them appropriate for various jobs.

Some tools in the Zycutter line feature a blade cover, which serves as the blade's sheath. This allows the user to keep the blade safe while still being able to retract the blade with ease. The blade cover comes in various colors and styles, and most retractable knives have them. However, some knives do not include blade covers.


The retractable knife is also compatible with other brands of knives. As an example, military knives and Rough Riders knives can work well with this type of tool. Retractable blades in general have their own unique features and functionality. The Zycutter blade factory is well-known for producing high quality products. If you're looking for a great value in a general utility tool or utility knife, take a look at the Zycutter knives.


DESCRIPTION: The retractable cutter  knife is an efficient heavy-duty cutting instrument, utility knife capable of handling very deep and tough cuts on various kinds of food materials. Unlike smaller blade types, such as the serrated blade type, which can be damaged easily by chipping and cutting edges, the cutter retractable knife is made with high quality tough and hardened steel. This tough blade is also much less susceptible to breaking when exposed to sharp objects.


The basic design of the cutter retractable knife is that of a conventional kitchen knife with a strong, straight blade. However, instead of having two separate cutting edges, the retractable cutter knife has a single blade, which is used to perform a number of cutting operations. These operations include carving, slicing, grinding, dicing and perforating.

A typical design of the retractable cutter  knife includes a blade that is attached to the handle in a way that it is held together by a sliding or rotary action. The blade in this design is also much stronger than a traditional one, which is why it is suited to perform multiple cutting tasks. In most cases, a single edge blade will be attached to the handle, while a single edge blade will be attached to the top of the blade. A single edge blade will only be needed if a delicate operation is to take place. A single edge blade may also be needed if the knife is to be used in food processing operations.

A popular variation of the retractable blades is the single edge blade attachment, which allows the retractable cutter knife to perform a number of cutting operations. For example, it can perform perforation, slicing and carving. The snap blade attachment will generally feature an eight-point snap, which is a feature that allows it to be used with a number of different types of knives. Another variation is the eight point serrated snap blade, which has similar advantages as the snap blade, but will have a serrated edge on all four edges. Some single edge attachments may have a nine-point serrated edge for more precise work.


In the last few years there has been an increased interest in both pocket knives and retractable blades. There have been some major advancements in the design of these two tools over the years, and many manufacturers are now offering a wide selection of different blades per handle. For example, there are a number of manufacturers who have introduced a new 13-point clip system for their pocket knives. These systems add a new cutting surface that is flush with the handle. This prevents damage to the actual blade itself and allows users to make precise cuts against any type of surface.

One company who has added new features to their blades is retractable cutter knife supplier. This new blade system incorporates a new clip that makes it possible to place ten cards onto one's shelf. These ten cards can be stored on top of the other in order to create the appearance of a single blade, or they can be arranged diagonally in order to allow for easier and faster food preparation. With this particular addition, the entire blade can be folded up and kept in one's pocket, and the blade can even be removed from the retractable cutter knife and used in a new project right away.

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